Mum I want to be an influencer

May 2022

Being an influencer is the dream of many young people today. Fame is no longer just on television or in the movies but has leaped our home. Being a creator of content on social networks has many advantages but also some drawbacks. Let’s look at what are the positive and negative parts of these networks.

3 professions created by social networks

These are 3 of the most important professions that have emerged with social networks.


To understand what it means, we asked you: what would you buy: a shampoo that you saw in an advertisement or the one that a friend recommended to you? Influencers are people who have gained credibility on a topic, creating good content about it.

Community Manager

Community managers are professionals who manage and develop a company’s community in the digital environment. For companies, having a presence on the internet is a priority, and new job opportunities like this one arise from it.

Content Creators

Have you ever thought about how much content you can see on social networks every day? Infographics, texts, videos, and all kinds of related information. Who creates it? That is the job of content creators: creative people with many ideas who are responsible for producing quality content, whether written, image, or in any format.

Do you want to become famous on the networks?

You no longer need to appear on TV to be famous. It is enough to have a well-defined and solid image, convey a message, and have a community of followers. Networks have so much power that many people who only created an Instagram account are now super famous.

Currently, the most influential people on the internet in Spain are 3 girls: Dulceida, Alexandra Pereira, and María Pombo. However, stress, anxiety, or fan idolization, which can be as addictive as it is overwhelming, are some of the problems that well-known influencers can face.

What content to create for each social network

Long videos are the perfect option for networks like YouTube or Facebook. Short videos or reels have invaded our lives and we can find them under different names on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook…

As for photos, the social network par excellence is Instagram. Written content, although it seems to be losing strength, is still very important: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram itself are benefiting from it. Podcasts, live streams, and infographics can also be great for content creators.

Networks have changed our lives

The transformation that social networks have brought to our lives allows us to connect with our friends and also with the most inaccessible celebrities.

On the other hand, these networks also offer us a showcase, either to generate our community by becoming an influencer or to create digital services with which we can earn money as a creator of content. Social networks are here to stay, so the challenge is to make the most of them.


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